Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hell May Not Have Frozen Over, But Akron Sure Did

I recently received an email from friend and author Laura Taxel (of Cleveland Ethnic Eats fame) telling me about two great writing seminars being held during the Friday and Saturday sessions (November 12th and 13th) of this year's Fabulous Food Show. Since she explained it so well, I'll let her do the talking ...

"Myself and a colleague, Dianne Jacob, a writing coach and author of Will Write For Food, the definitive and highly acclaimed guide to all forms of culinary writing, are leading workshops on Friday and Saturday morning at the Fabulous Food Show. And I'm wondering if you'd be willing to help spread the word via your blog? The sessions are meant for people who dream of penning cookbook, culinary memoir, or blog. We'll offer practical tips and real world guidance on getting started, doing it well, and what it takes to get published and get readers.

The interactive 2-hour sessions will demystify the process of writing and selling a book and explore the pros, cons, and steps for launching and maintaining a food blog, plus advice on how to improve your food writing skills. The Friday workshop is strictly for chefs and other professionals. The Saturday version is for the general public. Tickets are $50, include all day admission to the Show, and must be purchased in advance. More info about us and the class on the show website.

It would be great if you could share this with your followers and friends.


While in years past I have avoided the Fabulous Food Show like the plague, the notion of a writing workshop has intrigued me enough to pay the admission cost. And since an all-day pass is included in the price, I figured I might as well walk around and check it out. If you are expecting photos of me posing with Giada and her oft-displayed and generous bosom, you will sadly be out of luck. But, I suppose before I poo-poo this admittedly over-the-top weekend montage to all the things I think are wrong with the Food Network, it is only fair that I at least experience a day in Sodom before raining hailstones and turning people into pillars of salt. (A Biblical reference, really?)

Wow, okay, so that was a bit cynical, huh? While I'm definitely excited about the writing workshops, the jury is still out on the rest. But, you never know, I might be pleasantly surprised.

We'll see.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Have you ever eaten at the Wild Mango in North Olmstead? My son and I ate there Thursday (he works at NASA and eats there more often) and really enjoyed it. I continue to find your blog fascinating to read.

Tino said...

@Kristi: Thanks for the compliment. In fact, Wild Mango just entered my radar because I read a review by a fellow food blogger. While I don't get to North Olmstead as often as I shoud (long drive from the east side of Akron), the next time I am in the area, I plan on checking it out.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

I'm with ya on the overall vibe of the Food Show. I went a few years back and was fairly turned off by the experience. The only thing that would get me to go is the writing seminar. Thanks for the info - I might be swung to head out there Friday morning.

Tino said...

@Alicia: If you do go Friday, that's the day I'm planning on attending as well. Perhaps I'll see you there.

Edsel L said...

I went to the food show last year and found it quite enjoyable. There were presentations by Heather Haviland, Matt Harlan, Michael Ruhlman, and Michael Symon.

I think Matt Mytro is doing a liquid nitro demo this year. Wear you safety goggles.

Tino said...

@Edsel: I agree. I think I will totally dig the presentations by the local Cleveland talent and that's what I hope I can focus on.

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