The "To Eat" List

Here you will find a compilation of restaurants I am planning to review at some point in the near (and not-so-near) future. I have built the "To Eat" list up over time from watching television, reading other websites, and taking lots of great suggestions from my wonderful and thoughtful readers. This list not only includes local restaurants here in the northeast Ohio area, but also locations in other cities and states that I think I may at some point travel to during the course of business or pleasure.

If you have a comment about any of the restaurants listed below or think that there is a restaurant out there that deserves to be on my "To Eat" list, please feel free to send me an email and give me the the name and city and anything helpful that you think would make my experience optimal (signature dishes, "must try" items, etc.).

Thanks for any tips you might have!

* Margharita's Grille (Youngstown, OH)
* Umami Moto (Cleveland, OH)
* Pub Bricco (Akron, OH)* Bricco (Akron, OH)
* Tacos Juquilo (Akron, OH) -- another taco truck in Akron besides La Loma!
* Blue Ash Chili (Cincinnati, OH)
* JJ McBrewster's (Lexington, KY)
* Downtown 140 (Hudson, OH) ... DONE! Review pending.
* Blue Canyon (Twinsburg, OH)
* Main Street Grille (North Canton, OH)
* Vaccaro's 2nd location (Akron, OH)
* Ken Stewart's Grille (Akron, OH)
* Diamond Steak House (Akron, OH)* Crave (Akron, OH)
* Tangiers (Akron, OH)
* Rosewood Grill (Akron, OH)
* Sterle's (Cleveland, OH)
* Pizza Junction (Tonawanda, NY)
* Thurman's Cafe (Columbus, OH)
* Tony's I-75 (MI)
* Blackthorn (Buffalo, NY) (Black Door?)
* Lucky's Cafe (Tremont)
* Sophia's Lunch (Buffalo, NY)
* Nadine's (Pittsburgh, PA)
* Parkview Nightclub
* Grover's (East Amherst, NY)
* Casa Mimi/Perfetto (Akron, OH) ... DONE! Review pending.
* Lake Effect Diner (Buffalo, NY)
* Kewpee's (Lima, OH)
* Castle's (Mechanicsburg, OH)
* Crabill's (Urbana, OH)
* Wilson's (Findlay, OH)
* Virgil's Cafe (Bellview, KY)
* Vito and Nick's (Chicago, IL)
* The Silver Palm - 3 Little Pigs (Chicago, IL)
* Crystal (Pittsburgh, PA, Strip District)
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