Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Creamy Treat at Strickland's

After a mediocre meal at Jimmy's in North Canton, I decided to end my day with a little pick-me-up from an Akron favorite, Strickland's. Not only is Strickland's making it's own frozen custard, each store offers two flavors of the day besides vanilla and chocolate. And since Strickland's is a chain in the Akron area and surrounding suburbs, it is entirely possible to taste many different flavors of custard if one were willing to drive around a bit.

The location I went to today was right off of Triplett Boulevard by Derby Downs and the Goodyear Blimp hanger. This is the location I frequent most often because of the large parking lot and the wonderful view of some of Akron's classic sites. Today's flavors of the day were chocolate chip mint and vanilla almond. After a minute of thinking about it while standing in line, I decided on the vanilla almond. Initially I thought that the almond flavor was going to come from a syrup of some kind. Not with Strickland's!

Here are a couple of photographs of my sundae:

The almonds were actually ground up into different sizes and incorporated directly into the vanilla frozen custard. This contributed to the custard's unique flavor and texture. To gild the lily even more, I could tell just by taste that the almonds had been roasted prior to being ground. This heightened the almond flavor and added a wonderful depth of flavor to the nuts. And while I had a problem with the flavor disappearing once my taste buds got too cold the last time I was here, there weren't any problems this time. From my first bite until my last, this was creamy, dense, nutty, and delicious.

For only $2.50 for a small sundae, this is such a wonderful and inexpensive way to end each and every day of summer. Once again, highly recommended.

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