Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An Ode to Green Fluff

What can one say about a dish of green fluff?
A side dish for certain, but a salad? That's tough!
Made lovingly by moms and grandmoms who don't know much better,
A box of this and a can of that when followed to the letter.

Silky and creamy, ethereal and light,
Pistachio pudding mix, non-dairy whipped topping, and sweetened just right,
Crushed pineapple in juice and cottage cheese for some fun,
A wondrous concoction of processed foods when all's said and done.

Served on holidays, birthdays, and an occasional Sunday dinner,
Eaten more often than that and one feels the guilt of a sinner,
Have but one bowl of this dish and it becomes wholly clear,
Natural foods have been banned from this mixture for quite a few years.

One has to wonder from whence the pale Celadon color comes,
Think about it too much and you'll likely reach for some Tums,
Perhaps Soylent Green or FDC's Red, Yellow, and Blue,
All perfectly healthy to eat depending on your view.

What dubious company, which injurious publication,
Who came up with this recipe that fooled the whole nation,
As I sit here and ponder this situation in my chair,
It becomes quite obvious that I am misplacing my despair.

Finding a job, paying the bills, and saving for tomorrow,
These are life's stressors which cause so much sorrow,
So, have a bowl or two of green fluff and shout out with glee!
If it doesn't bother mom or grandma, why should it bother me?

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