Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A haircut, dinner, and lunch the next day

I had a couple of extra photos lying around, so I figured I'd just post them in their own entry. I had stopped at my friend Sherri's hair salon, Frizz, and decided to have dinner afterwards at On Tap, just a few doors down in the same plaza. They've added shells and cheese as a new side item. Although their sandwiches are generally decent, their sides need a lot of work. I decided on going with the Buffalo Chicken sandwich with a side of shells and cheese.

Here is a photo of the meal:

The pickled jalapenos I generally discard as they don't really add anything relevant to the dish. I also always ask for the "hot" wing sauce to be used to coat the chicken instead of the regular sauce. The positives? Generally the chicken is moist and the hot sauce is hot enough to give it a nice kick. The blue cheese dressing actually contains real blue cheese. The shells and cheese were definitely a step up from their other sides and will probably be my choice for the future. The negatives? Eh, for $5, you can't complain too loudly, but I'm surprised the dish containing the shells and cheese didn't have the word "Kraft" stamped on it someplace. Just because it was better than their normal side dishes doesn't mean it was really that much better than mediocre.

The next day I went back to Nicole's (which I posted about earlier) for lunch and had a double cheeseburger with a side of their homemade macaroni and cheese.

I had tried their mac and cheese at one other point and found that it had a sort of acidic quality to it, so I never ordered it again. Not being fully satisfied by the previous night's shells and cheese, I decided to give it another try and was suitably rewarded. I really do enjoy their burgers (definitely get the double, it is juicier). Now I have a side dish I can get into as well.

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